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Our Story

We are a couple living in Sydney, Australia and we started on our Keto journey around the start of 2017. I had never heard of the Ketogenic diet before and had tried heaps of other diets to try and lose weight to no avail.

Eventually, a friend introduced me to the Ketogenic diet after explaining the success they had had with it and we thought 'what do we have to lose (besides weight)'

After a few short weeks we both really started to see the benefits, losing weight, being more focused and productive in both work and at home, and having a tonne of extra energy.

After doing this for a few months and finding a lot of conflicting information online about the diet, we decided to set up this website to try and populate as much information as possible and share it with you all.

Follow our blogs for more of our journey as we go through life on Keto in Australia.


Check out the blog posts for more about our Keto journey