Viking Mamma Low Carb Kitchen

We came across this place through their Instagram page @viking_mamma_keto_life

This little baking business is located in Adelaide, South Australia and ships its delicious goodies throughout Australia for just $9.95 (or free if you spend $100)

What do they make?

The shop sells Cookies, Granola, Crackers, Pre-mixes so you can make your own and even has a range of kitchen supplies to help you along the way if you decide to try baking yourself. The best part is that you know everything you buy from here is guaranteed to be free from grains, sugar and gluten.

We went for the cookies because I hadn't had cookies in so long and I've tried to make Keto friendly cookies from recipes that I've found online but have failed miserably every single time and ended up with an eggy textured blob on a plate.

So, as you can imagine I went into this a little sceptical but they did not disappoint! First we tried the Double Chocolate Chip cookies and found them to be outstanding. Bit of a tip if you do order them, add a bit of whipped cream and make a dessert out of it. Outstanding!

Pretty quickly we ordered more and ventured out to try some of the other flavours available.

They have three types of cookies available and naturally we had to try them all.

Almond Shortbread Cookies:

These are my absolute favourite cookies in this range. They remind me of those Arnotts shortbread biscuits (minus the 10.8 grams of carbs) except a bit fresher and softer. I found it hard to stop after one of these but that's definitely a good thing. I will 100% be reordering these in the very near future.

Double Choc Chip Cookies:

These were a very close second in my opinion. I first tried these before the other varieties and thought there was no way it could be topped but it was just about. I first had them fresh out of the bag but found them a little cakey (which isn't a bad thing either) so popped them in the fridge to add a bit of crunch. I've also heard throwing them in the microwave can also be good so need to try that next time around. Sweetened with Erythirol these cookies have just 1.9 grams of carbs per cookie and around 10 grams of fat.

Cinnamon Spice Cookies:

These were pretty good but I'm not the biggest fan of cinnamon so they've made it to the bottom of the list. Amy found these to be her favourite though so I gues it's just a matter of taste. They packed a bit of a christmassy taste to them (not really sure what that means but taste them and you'll understand)

Viking Mamma's low carb kitchen also bakes a range of other products that we haven't tried just yet; but based on how good the cookies were, we will certainly be trying them next time around.

What do they cost?

The products from here are very low priced for a hand made product. The cookies start at just $10, the crackers at $7 and Granola starting at $8. If your unsure as to which variety of the products you want, there is also a sample pack available that lets you try some of each product.

Furthermore, you can save 5% on the above pricing by using this link

So.... Overall, these are quite possible the best cookies you will taste on a low carb diet. If you have found any better, please let us know in the comments below.


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