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There are a couple of Keto subscription boxes out there at the moment that have definitely sparked some interest among the Aussie Keto community. This particular one 'Keto Toolbox' caught our eye as they were sourcing all of their products from local businesses in Australia.

The subscription costs between $59 and $69 per month (depending on how frequently you order it) and has got some cracking products in there. To buy all of the products in the box from different places and have them delivered individually it would have cost well over $100.

The first box arrived at the end of December while I was away but I picked it up after New Years and was pleasantly surprised by it. Every single product in the first box was perfect for Keto!

I'm not going to ruin the surprise for those expecting a Keto subscription box in the post but I'll point out my favourite of the products delivered.

Banting Food Co. Bits of Banter Salad Seeds

These are absolutely delicious. The serving suggestion is to 'Sprinkle a bit onto everything you eat' and it really adds some flavour. If your like me, you'll also find yourself just eating them straight from the bag too! Packed with bits of a tonne of healthy fats this product comes in at 1.3 grams of carbs (5%), 9.6 grams of fat (79%) and 4.4 grams of protein (16%) per serving (112 calories).

Banting food co. Bits of Banter Salad Seeds can be bought directly through the Banting food Co. website or on the KetoAU shop page

If you're keen to give one of these subscription boxes a go. Head over to their site here and be sure to let others know what you think in the KetoAU product review section here

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