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McDonalds – What’s in it?

I’ve been reading a lot of negativity in the online Keto community forums lately. A lot of this is around what people are eating. The Keto community has grown so much since we last posted about McDonalds and there are still so many misconceptions about fast food in general. We though we’d break it down […]

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Septembers ‘Must Follow’ Australian Keto’ers

Each month we will choose three different Australian online accounts from either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that we believe to be very helpful to others. For September they are all from Instagram. Browsing through accounts with Keto food porn and online advice is such a must on this diet. Next time you need a reminder […]

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“Low Carb” Bars – What’s actually in them?

I absolutely love chocolate and one of the hardest parts when starting the Keto diet was trying to figure what is and is not allowed in terms of alternatives to regular chocolate. Before I go on, all of the below is based on extensive research into ingredients on these bars and an estimation of how […]

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