Lower Carb Alternatives

We all get cravings for some carby food from time to time. We're only human. We've decided to compile a list of lower carb alternatives to help you get past that want for something you'll regret.

We will continue to add new items to the list as we find them!


First up is Pizza

Everyone loves pizza! But the thing is, just by looking at Pizza on a Ketogenic diet you may end up feeling bloated! There are a few alternatives and more and more are starting to reveal themselves like cauliflower crust, fathead crust etc.

But the easiest in my opinion is Protein Bread Co Pizza Base at 6 grams of carbs for the whole base. Or if you'd rather eat out, Skinny's does an excellent Low Carb Pizza.


Pork Crackling isn't exactly the same thing but if you find the right flavour, they are pretty bloody close!

My favourite chips are Salt & Vinegar flavour and the closest comparison has got to be the Crackle & Co. Vinegar flavour coming in at almost no carbs in a pack.

Image result for vinegar crackle and co

Coca Cola

How refreshing is a can of coca cola. Pity it has around double the amount of carbs I typically allow myself in a whole day.

I know we have Coke No Sugar and Coke Zero to keep us going but who knows what's in there either. My favourite alternative has got to be Nexba Cola. It is all natural and pretty delicious. You can get it in Coles and Woolies.

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Krispy Kreme donuts are by far one of the most delicious things ever created. But you'd be piling about 38 grams of sugar for a plain donut into your gob!

The alternative, Noshu donuts!

These donuts have about 5% of the carbs you'd find in a regular donut and are equally as delicious. Tracking them down might be a feat though as they sell out pretty quickly wherever they are stocked.

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